Baby Rabbits Everywhere!!!

Who doesn’t enjoy sweet precious baby rabbits? It’s birthing week for the rabbits.  We love rabbits.  We have two does that have had babies.  We got five from each doe.  We also have another doe who had two babies not long ago.  The oldest babies are New Zealand rabbits.  We have a Lionhead doe that … [Read more…]

Honeybees and Summertime

We love our honeybees.  We have a total of four hives.  One hive is large while the other three are small.  It is our goal to build the numbers in these small hives this summer so they will be able to withstand the winter.  While winters here in the south are not as bad as … [Read more…]

Building a Broiler Pen

It’s time to build a new broiler pen. We are building a pen in the style of Joel Salatin with our own twist. This is a learn as you go process. We have built one before that was 10 X 12. That was to large for our small area. We have a little more area … [Read more…]