Our Broiler Chickens

The Problem with Broiler Chickens

I was enjoying watching my broiler chickens grow as I do every year when an unexpected thing happened. We had an animal come up during the night and break into the pen and kill half of my broilers.

As no pen is completely varmint proof, we knew this could happen. We ended up putting the rest of the broilers in with our bigger chickens, since it tore the pen up so much that it would take a day to repair it and we were headed out for the day.

This intrusion affected all of the chickens so much that the hens stopped laying. For the first time in years, I had to buy eggs. We now have a new goal for the chickens. Make the HAPPY again. A happy and healthy family is our goal for our household as well as our animals.

The Solution for the Broiler Chickens

My plan is to add to the size of the pen. The current chicken pen is approximately a 10 X 8 coop with a run of around 10 X 20. I want to add about 10 feet to the width and change the wire roof on the run to a covered one. The boys will then line the outside edges with the wired rabbit cages. I’ve been wanting to do something similar to this to allow the chickens access to scratch underneath the rabbits. This now give me reason to make it happen sooner rather than later.

Additionally, instead of letting them out daily, I want to try putting hay or shavings down for them to scratch in. I’m really just curious of the change in behavior this will cause. I’m also considering a new watering system for them.

The Difficulty with the solution

The hard part in implementing this plan is finding daylight hours when we aren’t working away from home. As with everything, we will take it one day at a time. We will do what we can when we can and leave it to God to take care of the rest.



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